What is an Electric vehicle? How the Ev works?


What is an EV?

Several nation’s have been imposing strict restrictions on the usage of petrol and diesel vehicles. Also,  nation’s have decided to scrap petrol and diesel vehicles completely. As a result of this car, manufacturers decided to handle this scenario by manufacturing Electronic Vehicles (EV).


EV consists of battery’s from which the power for the vehicle is generated. EV consists of fewer moving parts. EV can be classified into three types:

       FULLY loaded Battery EV

       Hybrid EV

       Partial Hybrid EV

       Fuel cell EV

EV is considered to be the best alternative to reduce vehicular emissions.



As said EV consists of a rechargeable battery which may be lithium-ion batteries

It consists of a charging port where the charge gets stores in the battery. The power gets transmitted to the engine which consists of an electric transition motor. This electric transition motor enables the wheels to move.

This is the working method of a Fully loaded EV that runs only on Electricity from the battery.

Hybrid and Partial Hybrid EV

Hybrid and Partial Hybrid EV lies consist of the electric motor as well as gasoline motors. Here gasoline can also act as a generator to power up the electric motor.


Fuel Cell EV

Fuel cell EV consists of fuel cylinders. Hydrogen is the fuel used for these cylinders. This hydrogen fuel helps in generating the electricity needed for the electric motor.

In this way, the different types of EV work. At present Hyundai Kona EV has a large battery capacity of 39.2 kWh which would capable of running 258 miles.

To know more about EV’s go through the following videos

  1. Electric car vs gas car -


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